HCCSS CE (formerly the CE-LHIN)

Visit this page for contacts, information and news for ONA Local 3 members at Central East LHIN.

ONA Bargaining Unit Positions at Central East LHIN

Bargaining Unit President: Liza Maw
Grievance Chair: Julia George
Human Rights and Equity Chair: Samantha Wickham
Occupational Health and Safety Chair: Julia George

Negotiation Committee
: Tracy Fretz, Samantha Wickham, Dawna Forbes, Naveen Lobo, Paul Gahite, Liza Maw, Julia George

Whitby Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility
: Kathleen Pikaart
WH Occupational Health and Safety Lead: Anita Couch

Scarborough Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility: Charmaine Thompson
SC Occupational Health and Safety Lead: Charmaine Thompson

Haliburton Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility –Vacant
Campbellford Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility – Joanne Forestell
Lindsay Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility
– Naveen Lobo
Port Hope Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility – Liza Maw
CHLP Occupational Health and Safety Lead – Vacant

Peterborough Branch Rep/Professional Responsibility: Julia George
PB Occupational Health and Safety Lead: Dawna Forbes

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