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Investing in nurses is the best way to improve access to timely, safe, and quality hospital care.

TORONTO, ON, April 5, 2023 –

Last week at our Provincial Leadership Meeting, hundreds of our members took part in a “die-in” in downtown Toronto, energetically chanted and were very committed to taking this symbolic action. Thank you to all who participated in any way.

Our voices carried to Queen’s Park, and we made sure that the Premier heard our chants: Better care, better staffing and better wages, NOW! Not even the rain could dampen our spirits or our commitment to the people of Ontario. We need to continue to raise our voices and tell the public, the media and the Ford government that we must be respected and valued.

Investing in nurses is the best way to improve access to timely, safe, and quality hospital care.

TORONTO, ON, March 3, 2023 – The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) says that contract talks between ONA hospital registered nurses and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) have broken down and will now head to arbitration in early May.

“This round of negotiations has been incredibly difficult and frustrating,” says ONA Interim Provincial President Bernie Robinson, RN. “ONA’s elected bargaining team went into talks with a strong and clear set of priorities that come from our front lines, and they have been met with an extremely disappointing and disrespectful response from the employers. Nurses are fed up with this government and employers expressing appreciation for the work we do, while simultaneously failing to provide working conditions that that truly show the value of what we do each day. This system is being held together by the nurses and health-care professionals who have shown incredible dedication to their patients. Words are empty. What counts is a contract that provides better staffing levels, wages and benefits, so that we can provide better patient care.”

Robinson adds that ONA would have preferred to have reached a negotiated contract; the last time that happened in Ontario for hospital-sector ONA members was 2011. Negotiations began in January; mediation was held this week for a contract that would impact approximately 60,000 RNs and health-care professionals who provide care in Ontario hospitals.

“The need to recruit and retain nurses is more urgent than it’s ever been,” says Robinson. “Our nurses and health-care professionals are highly educated and valued by employers in other jurisdictions. They have options – and are leaving the profession, the public sector or the province to work where they receive respect. The actions of this provincial government and now the failure to come to the table with a decent proposal by employers will have profoundly negative consequences for Ontarians and our health-care system. It’s shameful and Ontarians should be contacting their MPP to voice their concerns.”

We are all so thrilled with the results of our many actions over the past six weeks in support of our hospital bargaining demands.

We had tremendous support from you to organize and launch the Sticker-Up initiative, our Feb. 23 workplace/MPP pickets and the awesome HUGE March 2nd rally at the Sheraton and Queen’s Park.

It’s now time to plan our next set of escalating actions that will continue to put pressure on the Ontario Hospital Association and hospital CEOs and raise awareness with the public, through the media and on social. The public is on our side, and we must keep up our strong momentum.

Our next actions lead up to our arbitration dates scheduled during the first week of May

Please speak to your Bargaining Unit President for more information on how to get involved.  Your voice is important!!

View the latest PRHC Local Collective Agreement

Local Coordinator: Kelly Robert

Local Treasurer: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro
Local Secretary: Tara Archer

ONA Bargaining Unit Positions at Peterborough Regional Health Center

Bargaining Unit President: Kelly Robert

Vice President:  Kathy Assinck

Hospital Association Committee: Kelly Robert, BUP; Eni Abiola, Workload Chair; Kelly Henwood; Tara Archer; Kathy Assinck

Grievance Committee: Chair: Kelly Henwood; Kelly Robert, BUP; Kathy Assinck

Negotiation Committee: Kelly Robert, BUP; Kelly Henwood, Kathy Assinck; Sarah Gutsole; Melissa Zubrickas, (PT position)

Occupational Health and Safety Reps: Kelly Henwood, Nichole Osborne, Suzanne Shaughnessy

Workload and Professional Responsibility: Eni Abiola, Chairperson +1 vacant position

Human Rights and Equity Rep: Vacant

Professional Development Committee: Vacant

Unit Reps:  Terri Matzke (Cath Lab), Kelly Henwood (PACU), Theresa Woodward (OR) , Julie Hayes (NICU & A6), Alannah Snodden (L&D), Sophie Beaudoin(C2), Linda Clark (D2), Tara Archer/Nicole Osborne (Dialysis), Jennifer Morrissey (A5/B5), Laura Oddie (Oncology), Eni Abiola (B4), Karen Johnston (Mental Health), Austin Papadatos (CAPU), , Kathy Assinck (ER), Jen Scriver (ADEC), Kellianne O’Brien (Diagnostic Imaging), Carol Killingbeck (OHSW), Salome Johnson (PACE), Katherine Steenburg (SOP), Lisa Mattucci/Lesley-Anne Robertson (ICU)

Vacant positions: Educators, CRU, MOP, WHCC, A4, B3/C3, A2/B2, B6, Float Pool, Endoscopy, NP group


If you are interested in getting involved and learning more about your Collective Agreement and helping your colleagues with questions, we need your help!!  This is not one-person job, and you can really learn a lot.   We have an education allowance for training as well.  Please contact your Bargaining Unit President at

View the latest Collective Agreement

Bargaining Unit President: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro —

ONA Management:
Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro (Co-Chair); Jenn Woods; Lisa Clare

Professional Workload Rep.
Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro

Grievance Committee: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro (Chair)

Fiscal Advisory Committee: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro

Negotiating Committee: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro; Lisa Clare;  Member Required

Occupational Health and Safety: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro

Infection Control Committee: Lisa Barrett-Cagliostro