Public Health Units

Visit this page for contacts, information and news for ONA Local 3 members at Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit and Peterborough Public Health unit.

View your latest Collective Agreement here for Peterborough Public Health, expiring Sept 30, 2025.

View your latest Collective Agreement here for Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit, expiring Dec 31, 2023.

Bargaining Unit President: Francine Fernandes
Site Rep:  Yona Attis
Office Reps:  Adosinda Harper (CKL and Haliburton); Blair Michno (Port Hope)
Labour Management: Francine Fernades; Tammy Thomson; Yona Attis; Paula Tickle
Grievance Committee: Francine Fernades; Elizabeth Hulse (chair)
Negotiations Committee: Francine Fernades; Yona Attis; Elizabeth Hulse; Paula Tickle
Occupation Health and Safety: Cassandra Johnson (co-chair); Nicole Landry; Shannon Murphy; Leslie Mclaughlin
Return to Work and Accommodation: Laura Young; Francine Fernades
Human Rights and Equity; Kelly Holmes
Workload and Professional Practice: Yona Attis

Bargaining Unit President: Serena Jewer

Health and Safety network BU contact:  Judy Stanley

Grievance Chair: Judy Stanley
Grievance Rep: Brittany Peel

Labour Mgmt Chairperson: Serena Jewer
Labour Mgmt Rep: Sue Mulhall

Negotiation Rep Chairperson: Serena Jewer
Negotiation Committee Rep: Diane Lockman
Negotiation Committee Rep: Brittany Peel

Occ Health & Safety Rep: Judy Stanley

Guarding Minds @ Work Rep: Kara Koteles

Return to Work and Accommodation Rep: Kate Dunford