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As this term comes to a close, we are looking forward to the next 3-year term for both Local and Bargaining Unit positions.  Nomination forms can be found outside the ONA office (now located at D2419) and MUST be submitted by end of day Sept 26, 2023 to the election chair Shelley Vandenburg at pmmbup@ona.org

Any member that has signed a membership form with ONA (a bonafide member) can run for any position in the Bargaining Unit as well as for the Local secretary position.  As per the ONA constitution, to run for either Local coordinator, or Local Treasurer, you must have completed a minimum of one full term in any Bargaining unit leadership role.

This is your opportunity to get involved with your Union.  Come out and join a committee and see how the Union fights for making things better for you and your patients, residents and clients.  This is your opportunity to have your say in who represents you both at your bargaining unit with leadership there, and who will bring your issues forward to ONA Central, keeping them informed of what is going on in your workplace.

Remember that the Union isn’t just the Board of Directors, or even just the Local leadership.  The Union is all of us working together towards a common goal.


Choose your sector below:

Although most other Unions have the “Local” as the members at that one workplace, ONA does things a little different in order to support some of our smaller Bargaining Units which only may have a very few members.  At Local 003 we have a little bit of everything:  Hospitals, LHINs, Public Health, LTC facilities, and VON.  Here is a list of our Bargaining Units:


Updating your information every year when you renew your license with the CNO is different from updating with ONA.  We do not share any information with the CNO and they do not share with us.  You need to keep your information up to date with ONA in order to receive urgent news about what is happening now, and to receive the newsletter, or just your Nursing week gift from ONA Central.

Update your ONA Member Information Online

Hospital Bargaining Updates


New Draft Central agreement available on the Hospital tab

Register for a Workshop

Our workshops – that cover issues that affect all health-care sectors – are thorough and interactive and provides opportunities for members to share their experiences and best practices.

The benefits of participating in ONA education are to:

  • Understand how the Collective Agreement and legislation impact your workplace and work life.
  • Develop skills to represent your members in all aspects so that members’ rights are protected and their terms and conditions of employment adhere to the Collective Agreement.
  • Understand ONA’s governance structure at the Bargaining Unit, Local and Provincial levels and to develop skills to enable you to take on leadership roles at all 3 levels.

At Local 003, we have budgeted for members to do E-Learning.  If you register and take a workshop and send the certificate of completion to your Bargaining Unit President, they will get you a $10 gift card, for each different certificate, up to $50 per member, per year, until the budget is depleted.  This is your chance to learn more about your union.  The workshops are all broken down into small 5-15 minute videos and there can be 3-6 sessions per workshop to allow you to do a little at a time, until you have time to complete it and print the certificate.  The courses are in the process of being updated, so currently the number of workshops is limited.  Check back regularly for more being added as they are changed.   REMEMBER, this is until the budget runs out.

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Get the ONA App

The Ontario Nurses’ Association has produced the ONA App which provides members with direct access to need-to-know information!  Going forward, this is a great place to see your Collective Agreement.

Filled with news, events, collective agreements and more, the App is a new digital way for keeping you apprised of ONA happenings.

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